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The Collisions Between Unseen Universes

SERIES: The Shell Universe
AUTHOR: Jim Schofield


This paper explores the observable effects delivered by collisions between quite different Universes, which are presumed to exist in Really Empty Space, with this latter totally lacking the capability of propagating light from one such Universe to another. Each would therefore be entirely invisible to observers within another. Yet light will be propagated within individual Universes, as explained elsewhere using the concept of a paving of Empty Photons. Along with the idea of the Totally Internal Reflection of such light to at all boundaries of such Universes, what will be see from within will always be an augmented version of that Universe alone, when the actual sources of light are added to by the many virtual sources due to reflections at the boundaries.

The “seen” Universe would therefore always be both local and largely virtual. But remarkable changes would undoubtedly occur if such Universes collided. For once-invisible external Universes to an observer, would successively come into view as the “pavings” of the two Universes became continuous, and the “window” of overlap grew in size. The wonders of how this event would be seen over time are described in this paper from the first contact (at a single point”), via an ever-widening circle. These phenomena are investigated not only to draw attention how we could at some future time be misled by such events, but also how we perhaps are already being misled by past and current collisions of this sort.



1.Based upon an existing paving of all existing Universes by Empty Photons, and the consequent limitation of propagation of all E-M radiation to only within these Universes, the results of this for what is actually seen by an observer id explained.

2.The effect of a collision between such Universes would both unify their pavings and hence also allow extended propagation and open up an increasingly large “window”, through which this now continuous paving would extend.

3.In addition we must take into account that no observers would interpret what they see for what it actually was in these circumstances. And whether both Universes were expanding, whether they were at similar speeds, and whether one had reached its limit and had started to contract, would all be seen entirely as phenomena within our own single Universe.

4.The likelihood that such Universe-to-Universe collision would have NO individual distorting effects on their contents would perpetuate this misunderstanding of the situation, and attempts to explain what was seen would therefore be wholly formal and entirely mistaken.

5. Certain effects would also be both remarkable and confusing. As imaginary “local” star images using that section of the boundary where the collision occurred would be lost, but only after the time it would take for the interruption in reflected light to reach a given observer. While in contrast light from the other Universe, which had formally been reflected back would now continue on through the hole into the second Universe, and appear simultaneously with the loss of its own reflected images. The switch would be impossible to explain.

6.The anomalies when we consider the Universes to be Shell-Shaped would confound these puzzling phenomena even further, particularly as light from the other Universe would itself undergo total internal reflection in its new home (for example off an inner boundary of the shell.

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