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“Let us imagine a mad tailor, who makes all sorts of clothes. He does not know anything about people, birds or plants. He is not interested in the World; he does not examine it. He makes clothes but does not know for whom. He does not think about it. The tailor is only concerned about one thing: he wants to be consistent. [….] He takes the finished clothes to a massive warehouse. If we enter it we would discover that some of the clothes fit an octopus, others fit trees, butterflies, or people. We would find clothes for a centaur and for a unicorn, as well as for creatures they have not even been imagined yet. The majority of his clothes would not find any applications.

Mathematics works in the same way. It builds structures but it is not clear of what. These are perfect models (i.e. perfectly accurate), but a mathematician does not know what they are models of. He is not interested. He does what he does because such an action has turned out to be possible."

Summa Technologiae
Stanislaw Lem

SHAPE stands for Science, Holism, Abstracton, Philosophy and Emergence. It is an online philosophy magazine, published by

SHAPE was set up primarily to disseminate the written works of Marxist Philosopher and scientist Jim Schofield and other contributors critical of the consensus in Mathematics, Science and Philosophy.

SHAPE covers a wide variety of topics and ideas, particularly those regarding Marxist Theory, Holist Science and the study of Emergence - although many other areas are covered and would be considered for publishing if deemed appropriate.


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