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The Evenness of Illusory Space

SERIES: The Shell Universe
AUTHOR: Jim Schofield


This paper has two purposes. First it addresses the consequences of a Shell Universe, and the limitation of the propagation of Light to within that entity only, so that Totally Internal Reflection at the boundaries will replicate actually existing sources as multiple virtual, and hence illusory, sources too, and will certainly place them outside the actual limits of our Universe. And the second purpose was to question the whole stance of an equation-driven Cosmos, wherein everything was due to the acting out of eternal laws – typified by equations – the idealist/pragmatic approach now dominant in Physics, and the general consensus in Cosmology too. And, in this second aspect, the role of the Copenhagen Retreat initiated by Bohr and Heisenberg is shown to have been the basis for literally all of Modern Physics, and led to what can only be called Maths-Based Speculation, where “possible Form” is substituted in place of concrete (but as yet inexplicable) Reality. With the particular case of Inflation, as the reason for the observed evenness of distribution of galaxies in Space, compared with the wholly explicable evenness of a multiple reflected illusory Universe..



1.Once it is assumed that the propagation of E-M radiation is limited only to within a Universe, and that the directly observed light sources will also be separately Totally Internally Reflected at its boundaries, then, not only will we get a vastly extended illusory Universe, but the multiplication of reflections at a continuously curving boundary would “locate” these virtual images evenly throughout that apparent Space.

2.But, if the apparent evenness of distribution is due to these reflections, then the necessity of the so-called Inflation Phase early in the Big Bang to ensure the observed evenness becomes wholly redundant! Indeed, such formal “frigs” must be totally rejected as unfounded. Clearly, the new alternative explanations are not “frigs”, and could be confirmed or disproved by appropriately selective regimes of data processing.

3.Indeed, the failings of the devisors of the current Cosmology extend well beyond such formal “frigs”, and are based upon the retreat generally embraced in modern Sub Atomic Physics by the supporters of the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Theory. For these have led to such assumptions as Physical Singularities and Parallel Universes. Indeed, the new basis was “equations-only”, and led to an entirely idealist approach to, and interpretation of, Science in general.

4.The general consequences of these changes have been both dramatic and catastrophic, so that Science-as-Explanation has been totally rejected for Science-as-Equations. The philosophic stance of the new Physics is encapsulated in the writings of Heisenberg, which are frankly abysmal (and must be read by supporters of that standpoint).

5.Finally, the validity of that alternative stance to this one, which accepted both the temporary nature and the improvability of Science theories had to be that which could rejuvenate this prostrate area, and begin, once again, to extend and develop our conceptions of Reality.

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