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Imagined or Real Universes

SERIES: The Shell Universe
AUTHOR: Jim Schofield


This paper contrasts Reality with a man-devised alternative composed entirely of idealised versions of relations, original discovered in extensively constrained sections of Reality, which puts what is constrained and then extracted into a different World. This abstract World of Pure Forms alone – Ideality, is the realm in which all Pure Mathematics dwells. It was a remarkable creation in its time! For it correctly saw relations as versions of simple absolutely pure relational possibilities. And if these were targeted as the real objectives of research into Reality we would have in our hands extremely powerful versions that could be investigated in their own right, and many consequences revealed (but only definitely in Ideality). The Science of Mathematics was born, but it was bound to occupy an anomalous position with respect to True Reality, because none of its Forms were identical with those actually acting in Reality. They had been both selected OUT of their real, necessary and concrete context, and perfected into pure totally abstract relations. And it was ONLY these forms that were investigated within Mathematics.

The subsequent remarkable failure of this parallel World was that it was totally absolute – Absolute Truths about purely abstract relations were quite possible, and hence via techniques known as Theorems, a whole collection of consequent extra absolutes could be proved. This made it vital that this World was not confused with Reality itself, where such ideal forms were totally impossible, and in the research by this author entitled The Processes and Productions of Abstraction; this parallel World was necessarily named as Ideality.

Yet such a clear demarcation was not generally employed. Indeed, the Truths of Ideality were assumed to be the “driving essences” of concrete Reality, and a diversion of Science into the revealing of more and more defining and “driving” equations occurred. Mathematics was transformed from the Handmaiden of the Sciences, into the defining Queen of the Sciences. And, of course, that would be guaranteed to lead to major problems. Indeed, though a long and fruitful co-existence between The Sciences and Mathematics did continue for centuries, their quite distinct origins and methods were bound to lead to a crisis and this finally occurred.

Faced with the choice of imperfect Reality and a perfect Ideality, the bulk of scientists chose the latter and gradually Science was diverted from an attempt to understand Reality into a branch of Mathematics – the “Science” of Ideality!



1.The paper links the suggestion of a “paving” of our Universe by Empty Photons as a medium for the propagation of E-M radiation, and Totally Internal Reflection at all boundaries to deliver a largely illusory seen Universe.

2.The various formalisms of “dimensions” devised by mathematicians are set aside when it comes to Spatial Reality, and instead of multi-dimensional alternatives, the seen Universe is attempted to be explained entirely via 3 dimensions and these totally internal reflections done.

3.The real place for the mathematicians’ formalisms is shown to be in Ideality – the World of Pure Form alone, and certainly NOT the real physical Universe in 3D space.

4.The basis for a Shell Universe in a finite duration Big Bang is explained, and the inclusion of the Empty Photon paving could also allow both normal intra-Universe propagation, AND deny all inter-Universe propagation due to Totally Internal Reflection at all boundaries.

5.The multiplication of images from each and every source (by this totally internal reflection) at all boundaries (both inner and outer) would not only fill the central void and populate beyond the Universe’s outer limit, but in so doing would hide the actual boundaries and so create a vastly extended apparently spherical Universe with seemingly even distribution.

6.The most remarkable effects would be achieved by repeated totally internal reflections of the same light, and most particularly by cycling around the whole shell (though obviously mostly in the early phases of the Universe, when it was small). These would deliver another set of images which though they would give misleading information on the size of the universe, would actually give historical information of each single involved source if it had completed several such cycles.

7.The pluralist assumptions of the Science behind our usual ideas of the Cosmos, is shown to not only be inadequate to many aspects of qualitative change, but also to the misinterpretation of Reality as “formed by eternal laws”, rather than itself producing such Laws. The standpoint becomes wholly idealist! And the brilliant conception of “farming” Reality in order to extract its hidden “eternal essences”, has also turned our conceptions of the Universe to be consequent rather than formative.

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