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Issue 49 of SHAPE journal articles on Modelling Human Knowledge

The Team

Jim Schofield - Editor

Physicist, Philosopher, Marxist, Multimedia Expert, Mathematician, Author, Sculptor.

Dr. Peter Mothersole -

Senior Lecturer in Computing, Physicist, Photographer, Constructivist, Software Developer, Philosopher.

Mick Schofield -
Art Director

Graphic Designer, Writer, Photographer, Music Producer,
Digital Artist, Webmaster

Issue 49
The Tree Metaphor:
Modelling Human Knowledge

Introduction: How Science Hides the Truth

Farmed & Natural Stabilities

A Metaphor for Truth

The Palace of Corridors

The Tree of Knowledge

New Routes Towards Truth

The Metaphor of Evolution

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Welcome to the 49th Issue of the SHAPE Journal.

This issue looks at various analogies for the evolution of human knowledge, and how they might reveal where we have gone wrong.

Can we establish a sound metaphor for how we usually establish Human Knowledge - a Model or Pattern for how we do it now, and maybe how we should do it in the future?

The purpose of such an idea is that it delivers an overt Model for how we have done it, heretofore, which, at the same time, gives us a basic framework, to enable us to both criticise and improve upon it, independently of the content that we pack into it. Put in another way, we are attempting to make clear the philosophical bases for this vital process, which are, usually, not only implicit and undeclared, but also rarely even questioned.

Jim Schofield
MAY 2017