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Before the Big Bang (Part 2)

SERIES: Before the Big Bang
AUTHOR: Jim Schofield


This short series of papers is by no means a complete investigation. It limits itself to a few vital criticisms of the current consensus cosmological theories of the Origin and the Demise of the Known Universe. In particular the maths-led speculative nature of these theories is criticized as being more about the World of Pure Form (Mathematics), than the real, concrete and material Universe. Such origins and terminations ascribed to the Universe and termed Physical Singularities, are quite obviously wholesale imports from Ideality – that fore-mentioned World of Pure Form. And the so-called alternatives to the current theory, which nevertheless emerge from exactly the same stable of maths-led speculation, are similarly dumped. A real alternative scenario in which the Big Bang is seen to have happened WITHIN a previously existing Universe is proposed, and arguments castigating “from the Singularity” origins and “to the Singularity” demises are explained with particular concentration on the crucial unanswered questions of Symmetry, and the absolutely crucial Events that we call Emergences.

1. Maths-led Cosmology abounds with Singularities and Infinities, yet delivers NOTHING of the creative episodes, the emerging Levels, that are the real substance of evolving Reality.

2. Reality at every single level is literally peppered with sel-generated and self-maintaining Emergences, that have occurred in the history of Reality, and which runs entirely counter to the Ever-Downwards. School of reductionist explanation.

3. The real alternative must be that the Big Bang occurred WITHIN an already existing Universe. Some cataclysmic “funnelling down” could have led toto some “explosive careering out”.

4. Surely the present “from the Singularity” theory MUST lead to entirely and permanently symmetrical Big Bang. Whereas it is clear that is NOT what we got! A pre-existing Universe can be the source of BOTH the Big Bang itself AND its clear asymmetry.

5. Also the seemingly limitless capacity of a Black Hole in the current theory is also questioned. Normal collapses with our Universe may start as seemingly infinite, but ALWAYS terminate as some threshold is passed. Why not for Black Holes?

6. Suggestions for testing this theory are suggested.

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